Blog Rules

I have been blogging since 2004. I never used to have any issues with comments. As my blog grew throughout the years, particularly after I began writing about the Anthony case, I knew that one day I would have problems. People have their own opinions about everything and I accepted the fact that there was a good chance we could one day put strains on our relationships. We are a diverse group and some do not like change. Now, it seems that certain personalities have taken over from the quality opinions we have tried to maintain and there are grudges. The day has come. I know who instigates what because I see it all. Instead of directing my wrath at any one person, I am going to set some ground rules. Let me give you fair warning that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE. What I state here is set in stone. In the meantime, we all need to get along or I will become the person you do not think I am.
1 ) There will be no insults directed at any commenters. If you don't like someone, SHUT UP or take it somewhere else. Send me an e-mail me to complain. See Rule # 6.
2 ) I set the rules. If you do not like them, you may leave before I tell you to.
3 ) I choose the blog post topics. If you do not like them, see Rule #6. If you have suggestions, that's fine.
3 ) If the topic evolves through comments and strays off subject, that's fine. Do not discuss financial problems on a human health forum unless it leads into it during the natural flow of the conversation. Talk about anything on any post, but try to make it something appealing to everyone.
4 ) You may lash out at anyone (or any issue) in the news.
5 ) We discuss the Anthonys here. This is not the place to be if all you want to do is bash them. We like to carry out intelligent conversations. Insults are not intelligent and are banned. Kidding around is fine.
6 ) This is my blog. You are all welcome here, but you must adhere to my policies. This is not a democracy. I wanted it to be except it gets out of hand. If you do not like my policies, go away.
7 ) Strict adherence to the above rules will be enforced. There will be no warnings. One day, your comments will stop appearing and I will not respond to your e-mails.
8 ) All commenters are equal. Be nice. Remember the Golden Rule. No one is more important than anyone else.
9 ) First offense: 15 days. Second offense: 30 days. Third offense: Life.
10 ) Do not question my rules. I will interpret them as I see fit and I am more than fair.
11 ) All comments and e-mails become the mutually shared property of the sender and recipient and are subject to usage in future e-mails, such as forwards, and for use on this blog at the sole discretion of the blog owner.
12 ) All articles become the property of Marinade Dave and the author and are subject to the author's discretion.
If you have any problem with these rules, stop reading and find somewhere else to go.