Friday, June 23, 2006

You'd Better Pay, Pal!

Here we go again. I got another one of those pesky e-mails. You know, the spam kind. Once again, it was from my nefarious friends living somewhere on the outskirts of Paypalville.

You can click on the images to enlarge them for easier reading.

I sure am glad they are constantly working to ensure security by regularly screening my account. The problem is, I don't have one. Uh oh, my non-existent account was accessed by a third party. Hmm... I'd better look into this. I clicked on the link to complete the "Steps to Remove Limitations."

I'd better type in my fictitious e-mail address and password to access my fictitious PayPal account, if I know what's good for me. Let's see, where will it take me now?

Ooow. I'd better give them my fictitious credit card info while I'm at it... Oh yes, my fake address, too! Hey! While I'm being stupid and generous, how about if I throw in my Social Security Number, too? Now let's see...

BINGO! It's my lucky day. I have "!Successfully Confirmed [my] account Information." I like their use of upper and lower case. Sharp. Better yet, how about their impeccable use of the English language, "Now you will be Logon to your account again." Okay, let's click...

Darn. It took me to the real PayPal site where it asked for my real account address and password, which I don't have. I couldn't access my fictitious account.

What you see here is trickery, pure and simple. The e-mail directs you to a phishing site where they ask for your e-mail address and password. Then they pry very personal information from you, or at least try to, before sending you on to the genuine site. In the meantime, they're now busy spending your money. It's electronic rape, for anyone who falls for it. I just wanted to see how far it would go. Now I know.

This has been a public service message from Marinade Dave. Have a nice day.


  1. I bet that'll screw 'em up.

  2. GO TO

    SCROLL DOWN AND FIND THE WORLD TRADE CENTER POST. READ IT. Then, read the comments. You'll find mine. If you can add to that, please do. It goes into moderation first.