Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Be Afraid!

A friend e-mailed this link to me and several of her friends. She said it was a link "that will really creep you out... It's as if there's a spirit in the room with you reading your mind.
I tried this 6 times and it was never wrong... try it you'll see what I mean!... I had a hard time falling asleep last night. This thing had me so creeped out!"

My advice? Try it several times and guess how it works before reading the answer below.
It's quite simple, actually. Click the link below...

If you read the answer before trying the magic puzzle,
I will haunt you in your dreams tonight.
Yes. I have the power to do that.

First of all, it asks for any 2 digit number. All 2 digit numbers, when added to each other and subtracted from your original number will always be divisible by 9. Every time you try it, you pick out a new number. It doesn't matter what you pick. Take a look at the symbol for the final sum of the equation. Note that the symbols for 9, 18, 27, 36 and so on, up to your highest number, ARE IDENTICAL!

Voila! Look! How'd they know that?

Try it again. You'll see that the symbols for all of those 9's, 18's, 27's and so on are still identical, but they've changed. The symbols aren't like the last time you tried it. The symbol for all numbers divisible by 9 randomly change each time you or someone else does it.

See? Different from before.

No matter what number you pick, the symbol will always correspond to your number. There is nothing magical about it at all!


  1. YO Bro Hey I like you artwork in this

    (I am also impressed how you figured it out)

  2. Actually, I didn't do the artwork. I took a series of screen captures and cropped out the backgrounds.

    As far as figuring it out. Yes, I did do that. Thanks.