Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meine Schöne Nichte aus Berlin

This is my 16 year old niece, Ariana, from Berlin, Germany. She has spent her entire life there, except for summer visits with her father and to Florida to visit us. She is a great person. Obviously, her mother raised her well. She is spending a year in America and is enrolled as a junior in high school. I spoke with her the other day. She speaks English almost as well as her native language and she's already gotten an A+ in English and Biology classes. Not bad for a foreigner accustomed to German schools, huh?

Next month is Homecoming. There is a dance, so she went out and bought a pretty dress to wear for the occasion. She hasn't been invited by a boy yet, but I think she will. She's already got her eye on one and I think he's looking right back. Oh, he's handsome, she said. My poor brother. Now, if she was my daughter, I'd go along on the date and make her sit in the back seat. That would be the way it would be until she was 30 years old. I would go along. She would sit in the back. She went to the movies the other night with a classmate. That's OK since it was another girl. Be home by 8:30 though. But Dad, it doesn't start 'til 8. So what.
You vill obey! Good thing I'm just her uncle, and of course, I'm just kidding. OK, 9.

I asked her about football. Rugby and soccer are the sports of choice in Germany, but she's really getting into it. I can picture her as a cheerleader. My high school years were some of the best times of my life and I think this is great for her.
All over Europe, including Germany, there is a skewed take on what makes America tick. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to learn our culture up close and personal with peers her own age and to determine first hand what this nation is all about. I think it works just as well the other way around. This gives other students the chance to learn more about a foreign land. So far, she's having a great time and adjusting well. I think kids are kids the world around. What better way to learn about your neighbors. Besides, the pizza is better here. Aufregen!


  1. John Mark Karr8/29/2006 11:40:00 AM

    What high school does she go to?

  2. She's beautiful

    If you give kids freedom they tend to respect it.

    I didn't have a curfew. Everybody else did

    My fifteen year old Goddaughter hangs in Times Square---the Disney/Rouse production--but tells her mother everything.

    Cell phones have changed everything.

    She won't take a cab by herself---too pretty, but will walk and stay on the phone with her mom. Takes subways as they're safe and crowded at night

    We didn't understand at first why she wouldn't take cabs--but I was on Grand Jury and her instincts were on the money

  3. I think she's beautiful, too, and I'm sure she has some kind of curfew, knowing my brother.

    It wasn't that many years ago it wasn't safe for adults, let alone kids, to hang around Times Square. Heck, you can't even buy fake Rolex watches there anymore. Cell phones have changed everything.

  4. Yes she is, Laurie. Unfortunately, many boys are intimidated by good looks and are afraid to ask these girls out. Consequently, there are plenty of beautiful girls who sit around waiting and wondering what's wrong with them.