Monday, July 09, 2007

1977 New York Yankees

I read something of interest in the sports section this morning. Starting tonight, ESPN is running an 8 part, 1 hour miniseries about the 1977 New York Yankees, titled, "The Bronx is Burning". It premieres tonight at 10pm and will run on subsequent Tuesdays in the same time slot. It brings back mostly fond memories for me, back when my close friend, Frank, and I were in the Jaycees together, playing softball against the PBA, Rotary and other organizations and I was dating Dale Ungaretta, from Plainfield, NJ. She was a hotty. I was living in Sergeantsville, NJ at the time and managing the Weiner King in Warminster, PA. That was back when Frank's wife's best friend, Jim Deckett (sp?), used to convince our wives and girlfriends to go dancing at gay disco bars and one night Frank, was beating me at pool until I convinced that one guy he was my squeeze, that he had a really big stick. From that point on, Frank lost. Boom ba boom ba boom. Fly Robin Fly. Frank and I hated disco and we never went out on the dance floor. Well, unless it was a slow dance. It was a time when Son of Sam walked the streets of New York, and terror struck the night air. For a long time, when we wanted to hit the big city, it was Philadelphia instead.

I wonder who will play the role of my favorite baseball player, ever, good old number 15?

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