Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God, I don't miss it at all

I ran into an old buddy the other day. He asked me why I haven't been hanging around the bar lately. I told him I'm not really drinking anymore.

"Well, you can still come around once in a while, right? You don't have to drink, you know."

I know, but if you stop believing in God, you don't feel like hanging around a church much, do you?"

He agreed.

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  1. Nice, but...
    I love old churches. The St Servaas in Maastricht for instance goes back to Roman times, with beautifull real Catholic items and treassures, and you can really feel the sadness and the tears of people that have prayed there for hundreds of years. It is all still there somehow, and that is a very moving experience to feel. But I don't believe in a God at all. So... :)I have to disagree there. A church can be a very interesting place to hang around.