Monday, May 26, 2008

On Memorial Day

I think it's interesting how certain people stereotype certain people, like the French being so
anti-American, even though it might be more of how the people in power are perceived and
the rest be damned. My best friend, Stewart and his wife, An, love France and they always tell
me how much the French people love Americans and how well they are treated there.

I was listening to NPR this morning. An old Frenchman was telling a story about the sacrifices
our soldiers made during WWII. He explained how much he and other Frenchmen will never be
able to show the incredible appreciation they have for American boys, who, during that war,
gave them freedom from a horrible regime.

He went on to say something that meant a lot to me and it should be known by all. Those who
died and are buried there will never come home to American soil. They have relatives who
may never have the opportunity to go to France and visit their graves, but if they do, this
gentleman and many others have done something that really touched my heart. When the war
ended, they "adopted" a fallen soldier. They learned as much as they could about who lies
there. They manicure the grave. They bring flowers and pray. They love that soldier as one
of their own and they will always remember. They will make sure their children and
grandchildren never forget The Greatest Generation.

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