Monday, September 07, 2009

Blood Curdling

Every three months I have to go to my clinic to have blood drawn for various test, including an A1c, which determines my blood glucose level over that period of time. This way, I can adjust some of the medications I take, if necessary. This is an account of my Thursday morning visit.

In the video, I recorded the lab nurse’s handiwork. In the editing application I turned off the actual audio of us talking and dubbed in music and assorted sound effects. In other words, none of the sound is real, but the video is. So is my arm.



  1. Thank you for scaring my cat under the couch!

    Tinkle tinkle little movie starr...

  2. Dave~~you are so very brave. My hero indeed!

  3. Lol Detwill, yes you need to be brave to show such hairy bodyparts.

  4. Nice work! Mesmerizing. And that peeing bit at the end showcases your sense of humor nicely. Well done.

  5. Thank you, Minky. I want to say it was a pleasure making that video, but I wasn't acting and I had to pay the clinic instead of the other way around.

    Oh well, it was just an idea. I hope to make more of them. Not as bloody, though.