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A Wray of hope for the defense?

I get a really big kick out of people commenting on blogs and forums that outright accuse others (certainly not them) of inserting themselves (GASP!) into this Casey Anthony case. Generally, it's people like me and any other blogger they disagree with, hate, despise, or generally - CAN'T STAND! The really odd thing is that everyone who offers up an opinion in this case has inserted him/herself whether he/she knows it or not. Every time a comment trashes Casey and the defense team, it adds more fuel to the fire that Baez & Co. will bring to the judge as it continues a campaign to change the venue or have the case thrown out of court because of public opinion.

It's not every day that I go off on a tirade about anyone, but this is just plain disgusting. Here is a real degenerate who has so inserted herself into this case it's pathetic:
"Don’t insult us by saying you aren’t inserting yourself in this case. What’s the date of your letest [sic] blog here? March 25, that’s ummm…today nitwit. You are doing it now, sticking your self flat in the middle with no concern on ho0w [sic] it affects the outcome of a 2 year old little girl brutally murdered by her mother. What rock did yo0u [sic] slither out of, the same one Joy wray, the Milsteads, Dominic Casey, Baez & all the other leeches using Caylee’s blood for either $$$ or fame." 
"What’s your excuse, daddy didn’t pay enough attention to you ? One thin [sic] I’m finding out is none of you god damn meny [sic] grubbing media whores give 2 shits about justice for Caylee. 
"If you did you would never have INSERTED OYRSELF [sic] IN THIS CASE. Infectious pieces of human crap, every one of you."
"I don’t like you, I don’t like your blog or what you stand for. another slirthering [sic] slimy leech who inserted themselves in the Caylee murder trial. It isn’t everyday I GET TO SAY IT TO THE FACE of the many morally defunct players ijn [sic] this freak show. 
":II [sic] had the opporutnity [sic] when I kept reading your crap everywhere & took it. Now it’s all I got to say so fuck you & out me, out Zanny, out Cindy out whoever the fuck you want. [sick] 
"Unlesws [sic] as I suspect you are a liar & are either Joy Wray or Cindy, if not you act just like them, A PSYCHO SOCIOPATH goodbye moron." 
Heroesfan, on The Whole Truth Always blog, comments 14 and 24 on the "Since I Am Being Honest Here... Let's address the National Enquirer Issue" post.
Trust me, this is mild compared to how she's addressed me elsewhere. Need proof? Just wait until she reads this.

One inane and insane notion making the rounds right now is that Leonard Padilla is a stoolie for the defense for one simple-minded reason; he never heard Tim Miller and George Anthony discuss marking an X on the map with Casey about where to start looking for her daughter. On Nancy Grace, he said it never happened. Casey was in his protection at the time. Here's the problem with that when it comes to a public segment so obsessed with this murder that they no longer think straight. If there are 12 witnesses to a crime, there will ultimately be 12 different accounts of what transpired. No sane person would purposely protect a suspect in this type of case, but everyone has different perceptions of what actually transpired. It is no secret that Tim and Leonard parted ways some time back, and that may have clouded recollections, but the strange thing is, it doesn't make one the mortal enemy because of adoration for the other. The same thing holds true with commenters on blogs and forums. Just because one disagrees with a thought, it does not mean they are purposely enabling the defense by inserting themselves.

For months, I stood idly by as people wrongly accused me of being best friends with someone involved in the case, someone perceived as nuttier than a fruitcake. I have tried to be fair to everyone who treats me and others with respect, and I'll tell you, Joy Wray has always been a lot nicer to me than several blog nuts out there who erroneously consider themselves of sound mind and highly professional, not to mention more informed than the entire state of Florida. My intent has been to give her a chance to speak, and in the end, it came back to bite her as far as her credibility is concerned. Originally, I gave her very good advice. I told her to be careful who she talked to and what she said. She told me she always told the truth and had nothing to hide. OK, fine, but remember that everything you say may be scrutinized later on. I never wanted to get her in any trouble and I never thought her involvement would one day come back to involve me. Sadly, it did.

On December 2, 2009 my phone rang. When I answered it, the gentleman on the other end identified himself as Sgt. John Allen of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. I was completely surprised. It was an honor and a privilege to hear from him, but what could this possibly be about? I'm just a measly blogger. He asked me if I knew who Joy Wray was. Of course, I responded.

He said he had found a particular comment she made on my blog, but was having trouble finding another one. In both cases, the comments were still rather fresh in my mind, so I had no difficulty in pulling them up from my end. I see comments in a whole different light. From that vantage point, I can see the date, time, and on what article it was posted.

These are the two comments he referenced. I would only post them now because they are a matter of record and still on my blog:

From Open Forum:
hey dave how are you doing? Happy Thanksgiving and to all others too… Call me The meeting is monday @ 10 :30 with Sgt Allen and my Lawyer Mark O’ Mara its going to be at his office in Orlando. They took a warrant out for my computer…..:( Anyways please call Bob For me at wesh 2 news.>>: Noone eles [sic]… ps call me
From Say hello to Laura and Joe:
Laura and Joe where never there, they are from are fourm [sic] called Scared Monkeys.They where [sic] not part of Texas Eqqusearch [sic]. They went no where in the area where Caylee was found! If they where anywhere in there it would be closer to school. They where in my Chat room trying to get info from before caylee body was found. I would not give them any details I just told was searching in the woods by the Anthony Home.LE does or will have there Ip numbers bec I gave them all that info. Laura and Joe are a joke,JMO. All of sudden the [sic] come up with this tale. They never did metion [sic] anything about the area, if it was wet or dry. Only way Laura got the INfo about the Coke can in Sept. WAs that it was leak through someone through Chatango,in which they are plenty of moles! Bec I spoke about a coke can in Oct. Wonder how much Baez paid these loons to lie…. Justice4caylee. Sgt allen if u read this ,please drop off my laptop and u can have my other computer……. Ps Dave On tuesday will be fine if we meet up…. Joy
Sgt. Allen continued his line of questions. I asked him how he learned of these comments and he said someone phoned the tip in. He asked me if I had ever met Joy. Yes, I had. I told him I didn't wish to get her into any trouble, but I was going to answer every question to the best of my ability. After all, Joy had said this was the truth, and I did warn her that some of what she was saying could come back to haunt her.
After talking for about 25 minutes, Sgt. Allen asked me if I would come in and write a statement. Of course, I answered. I told him I was free the next day. We set an appointment for 1:30 in the afternoon of December 3.

When I arrived at the OCSO Central Operations Center on west Colonial Drive the next day, I waited about 10 minutes before the door opened and out walked Sgt. Allen. After shaking hands, he took me inside and up an elevator to the second floor. As we walked down the hall to an interview room, I noticed one picture hanging on the wall. It was retired Sheriff Walt Gallagher. Years ago, before he was elected sheriff, we both used to hang out at a bar/restaurant in Winter Park called Harrigan's. Gee, that was such a long time ago. By the way, Kevin Beary replaced him in 1993, and before Gallagher, Lawson Lamar, the State Attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida, was sheriff. One of the nice things about the Orlando area is that, even though it's a decent sized city, it still has a small town feel and it's not at all unusual to know more people than one might think we know.

I was led into an interview room. It was quite small. The door remained open, but we sat down at a small table, across from each other. We had a little small talk to get accustomed to the room and each other. I must say I felt very relaxed around him. I recall asking him about former Sheriff Kevin Beary. I told him the last time I saw him was at John Schofield's funeral, the one that closed half of Winter Park. He told me Beary was in Afghanistan to the best of his knowledge. Eventually, we got down to some serious questions. When I answered everything, he handed me a form to fill out.

Thanks to Snoopysleuth for finding this

This was pretty much it, but we must have continued talking about the case for another half hour or so. I was left with the impression that John Allen is, undoubtedly, a very good family man, dedicated to his job, but not out to purposely get anyone. He epitomizes what a good cop is supposed to be all about. When we finished, he walked me out the front door. Just as we stepped outside, lo and behold, there was Kevin Beary, who had recently gotten back from Afghanistan. We all stood and chatted for another 10 minutes.
The last time I spoke to Sgt. Allen, in January, I asked him about Joy. He said, "We're through with her. We've had four interviews and that's it."

I asked him if the defense would ever use her. Could she be a Wray of hope? He said no, they're not interested in her, either. I think he's right about that. I also think she will never be arrested again due to this case unless she continues to involve herself. We discussed a few other aspects of the case, some of what was just released, and he said that whatever we talked about was OK to write, but I told him I had no desire to spread stuff no one would want to believe anyway, like my friendly encounter with Judge Strickland that some people insist was a reprimand. (Insert chuckles.) One day, I'll sit down with him after this is over, because he and I got along just fine, and yes, we talked about doing just that.

Back to inserting one's self. Technically, I have inserted myself by authoring this blog, although I was brought into it by OCSO. We have all inserted ourselves to some degree and it's just plain hypocritical and naive to point fingers. If there are rumblings that blogs and forums could influence the case, which there are, I'd be careful about what is written. I'm sure the defense would love to pounce on more hateful words and expound on the change of venue. Or have the case thrown out of court. Therein lies Casey's slim ray of hope.

Meanwhile, as some of you continue to argue over inserting one's self, I did my civic duty. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was all about Justice for Caylee, not how anyone feels about me. I don't care about that person named above or anyone like her. She can insert this where the sun doesn't shine.
Supplemental witness list:
It looks like I'm in with some very good company. And bad.

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