Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A formidable presence

As quiet as a church mouse, Ann E. Finnell entered into the Ninth Circuit Court, a Notice of Appearance last Thursday, September 30.
ANN E. FINNELL, the undersigned attorney, hereby enters her appearance on behalf ofDEFENDANTCASEY ANTHONY, joining attorneys Jose Baez, Esq., and Cheney Mason, Esq.,inter alia as an attorney for Defendant.
Inter alia, for those not familiar, is Latin for "among other things," meaning she is joining the crowd. The more, the merrier, so to speak.
What you may not have noticed, though, are two motions rolled into one that came attached with it; something she filed on behalf of her new client, Ms. Anthony. The nerve. Judge Perry wasn't even given a chance to acknowledge her notification yet.