Thursday, November 18, 2010

Judge nods his approval

A teleconference hearing was held today in Judge Perry's chambers over a motion the defense filed to conduct DNA tests on two items,  a pair of Caylee Anthony's shorts and a bag. Both items were found at the scene where Roy Kronk discovered her remains in December of 2008.
The judge granted the defense team's monetary request for $2,084 over objections from the Judicial Administration Commission. The JAC argued that an in-state laboratory could check DNA on the items in question, while the defense wanted an out-of-state lab. 
During a recent hearing I attended, the judge made it clear the lab needed to be certified by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLAD). The defense originally wanted the evidence sent to a lab in Holland, but Judge Perry, in all his wisdom, made it quite clear that nothing would leave the country, where the court has no jurisdiction. Brad Bischoff, the JAC attorney, could not confirm that any of the labs listed as vendors in Florida were confirmed by ASCLAD. Jose Baez, on the other hand, argued that none of the state labs were certified. He cited a lab in Pennsylvania and the judge agreed that's where the items will go.
It is a small battle won for Jose Baez & Co., but I would surmise that ultimately, it's only a win if the lab finds something that will incriminate someone else, or it could somehow benefit Casey if nothing is found that points directly to her. Otherwise, I don't see it helping her one bit, and in the overall scheme of things, if it does, it's just one tiny piece from the vast army of incriminating evidence the state has accumulated to wage this war against her. In the end, the good guys will win. Choose sides wisely.
In another matter, Bob Kealing's report on dead bugs must have the defense worming around right now. Watch his exclusive video HERE. He deserves an award for this one.