Friday, March 11, 2011

An interesting day of discovery

More documents were released today concerning the investigation into the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. Some of the discovery is not very revealing, while other documents are. For instance, several TES volunteers described receiving phone calls from private investigators stating they were "calling from the Orange County Courthouse." While misleading, they were not illegal. Cpl. Yuri Melich wrote in his incident report that an "investigation was conducted in order to determine if a private investigator working for the Casey Anthony defense violated State Statute by falsely impersonating an officer as per Florida State Statute 843.08." He added that "there is insufficient evidence to prove anyone violated this statute." Yes, several people complained the callers had misrepresented themselves, but by merely saying they were calling "from" the Orange County Courthouse failed to constitute probable cause that a crime was committed. I have to agree. I've made phone calls from the courthouse and by merely telling the other person I am calling from that location reveals nothing. I could be there for a hearing or something else.
What I did find interesting is that, while a lot of people believe Jerry Lyons is working alone, or that Mort Smith is still somehow involved, two new names surfaced. AHA! We can now add Katie Delaney, Gil Colon and Scott McKenna to the list. What would be intriguing would be if the SAO decided to seek the cell phone records from all of the PIs to see if they really did call from the courthouse as they claimed.