Friday, May 24, 2013

Do I Deserve To Die Too?

When I was 23-years-old, I was arrested and charged with possession of a CDS and for being drunk and disorderly. I was with a good friend, who was also charged. CDS stands for Controlled Dangerous Substance, and in the mid-70s, that included... shake and shudder... marijuana. Holy catnip! The charges were way more than trumped up, and the arresting officer, Jack Demeo, was later fired from the Delaware Township Police Department in New Jersey and banished from ever being a cop again. Anywhere. He was bad news and a disgrace to all fine, upstanding law enforcement officers the world over. His downfall? He flashed his badge at an Atlantic City casino and asked for gambling favors and free drinks. He said he was from the NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
The charges against me were dismissed before the trial began, but during a Motion to Suppress Evidence hearing, Demeo testified that he was professionally trained by the military to sniff out marijuana. Really? All that was found was one stubby, little roach -- 2/10 of a gram -- at the bottom of my friend's ashtray. Had we known it was there, we probably would have smoked it that night and gone out for M&Ms. Skittles weren't around in those days. As he and his fellow officer traipsed us into the station, right across from where I lived in the blinking light town of Sergeantsville, I asked him what we were being charged with...
"Being drunk and disorderly," he screamed back. Of course, we weren't drunk and disorderly. My friend was dropping me off at home. We were minding our own business -- sound familiar? As a matter of fact, the illegal substance -- the killer weed -- wasn't found until we were inside the station and Demeo had a chance to run out to retrieve the vehicle's ashtray, return, and dump it on his desk. "AHA!" he exclaimed as he sifted through the cigarette butts and held up the overwhelming piece of evidence. "I got you now." 
Today, the whole experience is a joke, and I'll be the first person to admit I smoked pot back in the day. But so did several of our presidents. Did they decide to start a war because they were high on ganja? Hmm... according to George Zimmerman's defense logic, that could be the case. Think about it. George W. Bush. Barack Obama. Former pot smokers and warmongers. Bear in mind, there were no wars under Bill Clinton; not technically, but, in Zimmerman's favor, Clinton never inhaled the stuff. Perfect evidence! Mark O'Mara and Don West may be onto something but, to be fair, impartial and to add a legal disclaimer, there's no evidence hat any president smoked marijuana while in office.
I haven't smoked pot in 20 years, but 20 years ago, I was 40. I first smoked it when I was 16. By 17, the age Trayvon Martin was when he was shot and killed, I was a seasoned smoker, sometimes toking before, during, and after high school. I never missed a day of work because of it. 24 years later, I knew a lot about the stuff, although my interest had really waned by then. Mostly, I was a recreational user throughout the years. I was never addicted to it and it led to no other drugs. Today, it's not considered a "Controlled Dangerous Substance" in most states, and some have even legalized its use. In my opinion, it was never dangerous unless you consider driving under the influence, but it's nothing like booze. When I smoked pot, it was usually done with my friends, we were too lazy to drive anywhere, and we sat around listening to Moody Blues and Pink Floyd albums eating whatever food we had; like Cheez Doodles and 2-day-old pizza. The munchies. We chilled out. Never, ever, ever did we think about fighting among ourselves or with anyone else. All we cared about was was getting high and not allowing anyone to Bogart that joint.
As part of the autopsy protocol, the Medical Examiner submitted Trayvon Martin's blood for laboratory analysis. Among the findings includes a positive level for THC and its metabolite. The active THC was measured at 1.5 ng/mL whereas the metabolite was measured at 7.3 ng/mL. This level is sufficient to cause some impairment (although it is considered to be less than that required for a DUI arrest) according to the State's toxicologist, Dr. Bruce Goldberger. [...] Dr. Goldberger opined that Trayvon Martin may have used marijuana within a couple of hours of his death or that it could have been longer than that depending on whether Trayvon was a chronic user or an occasional user.
Was I a chronic or occasional marijuana user? You can only have an opinion, depending on how you think. Are you really qualified? If I smoked it last week, would I be too impaired to write this post? Bullshit. Here's where the reply from West gets stupid, ludicrous and just plain idiotic. Remember, my disgraced arresting officer said he was trained to sniff out marijuana. In his defense, at least he graduated the police academy and he didn't draw his weapon. Zimmerman, on the other hand, never graduated anything beyond high school. (See: Records show George Zimmerman got D’s in criminal justice classes.) The Defense reply continues:
In George Zimmerman's non-emergency call to the police, he describes the person, later identified as Trayvon Martin, as appearing as though he was "on drugs." Additionally, on close inspection of Trayvon Martin's physical appearance at the 7-Eleven, where he was recorded on video within an hour of his death, he "sways" at the counter as if he's under the influence of some substance. Taken all together, it is likely that Trayvon Martin was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his death and that his thinking and judgment were impaired at least to some degree. This is relevant evidence for the jury to consider when it evaluates Trayvon Martin's actions that night, and the jury should be allowed to give it whatever weight it believes it should.
What makes Zimmerman and West authorities on anything? Period. It's is a complete joke! I'm trying to be fair and impartial, but I find this to be totally disgusting and disrespectful. 
Attempting to turn pot into a viable part of Zimmerman's defense does make me wonder about something. Have O'Mara and West ever smoked the stuff? I mean, both are around my age. A few years younger, actually, but they most certainly grew up during the Hippie pot smoking era of the 60s and early 70s. They were young once, like me. I went to college. To say pot wasn't on any college or university campus (including theirs) is a huge lie. Did Mark O'Mara and Don West smoke pot? Did it make them feel violent? I want answers. I want the truth. At the same time, West's reply to the State's motion is a paradox. If he never smoked pot, he might be inclined to believe it brings on violence. Smoke that war pipe. Yet, on the flip side -- and in my opinion -- West could have been as high as a kite when he wrote his reply. You can act pretty silly if you smoke too much weed, you know.
Some of you may argue that O'Mara and West are not on trial here. I have no right to ask a question like that. You're right. But Trayvon Martin is not on trial, either. Obviously, Zimmerman's defense disagrees and I understand the tact it is taking. I thoroughly disagree, though, and I think the jury would see right through it if it's brought up at trial.
According to the defense team's "disjointed" argument, I could, quite possibly, deserve to die, just like Trayvon. Zimmerman and West are self-trained to sniff out evil pot users and West has a built in "high" detector. His document says so. And pot smokers are violent offenders, but only in Trayvon's case.
More to come...
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