Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fossil fuels, gashouse effects and why the pharmaceutical companies are partially to blame

There has been much in the news of late regarding global warming. A debate has been burning for years over the causes. Some scientists are fired up, blaming man for most of the problems. Others are skeptical, pronouncing it a natural occurrence and only nature is to blame. Whichever side you take, I am proffering a different approach, one that no one has taken, as far as I know. I am blaming the pharmaceutical companies.

This, recently from 60 Minutes:

"The entire planet is out of balance," says Bob Corell, who is among the world's top authorities on climate change. He led 300 scientists from eight nations in the "Arctic Climate Impact Assessment."

Corell believes he has seen the future. "This is a bellwether, a barometer. Some people call it the canary in the mine. The warning that things are coming," he says. "In 10 years here in the arctic, we see what the rest of the planet will see in 25 or 35 years from now."

Over the last few decades, the North Pole has been dramatically reduced in size and Corell says the glaciers there have been receding for the last 50 years.

Corell says all that water will push sea levels three feet higher all around the world in 100 years.

"You and I sit here, another foot. Your children, another foot. Your grandchildren, another foot. And it won't take long for sea level to inundate," says Corell.

"Sea level will be inundating the low lands of virtually every country of the world, ours included," Corell predicts.

According to the U.S. Government, from the National Center for Health Statistics, the life expectancy in the United States was 77.6 years at the start of 2003, up from 49.2 years at the turn of the 20th century. That's over 25 years longer now. I think we all will agree that advances in medicine has played a strong role in increasing life expectancy.

It is an established fact that older people pass more gas than younger ones.
I believe we can credibly qualify this as fossil fuel. Will anyone disagree with this statement? I know a lot of older people and they have all told me this is absolutely a true fact.* I have witnessed it firsthand on many occasions. I have interviewed employees of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Why do they have this problem? I don't know, but they're the first ones to admit it. It means there are millions more people producing millions more tons of methane gas per year. The statistics overwhelmingly stink. Where does it all go? It stays in our atmosphere, of course, and contributes to global warming, and consequently, the Arctic meltdown. Call it the Farctic meltdown.

Is this a huge conspiracy by the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates to poison our fragile ecosystem? I seriously doubt it, but I propose the federal government "pass" a law that everyone over the age of 65 must take Beano® and/or other fossil fuel reducing agents. It's these giant companies that manufacture the stuff anyway.

*I'm not old yet.

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