Monday, March 27, 2006

WMD...Words for Much Discussion

Pat Robertson says some pretty stupid things. Many in the Christian community condemn his erroneous "shoot from the hip" statements. Words may incite, but they don't kill. That would take a man.

I wrote a letter to the Orlando Sentinel. It was published yesterday, March 26, 2006, on the opinion page. I didn't write this to voice prejudice against the Islamic faith. My intent here was to point out the lack of condemnation from the general Muslim population for man's inhumanities against man in the name of religion. Where are the voices of Islam?

Religion of peace?

We are told the Muslim religion is one of peace.

When Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses, was published in 1989, a death sentence was imposed on him by the religious leaders of Iran for irreverence toward Allah.

Women have virtually no rights in many parts of the Islamic world and may be subject to death for even blinking at a man or exposing an ankle.

Some Sunnis and Shiites, among others, blow themselves up for heavenly virgins, taking as many innocent people with them as they can.

Political cartoonists are condemned to death for portraying satirical images of the Prophet Muhammad.

No images of any kind are allowed. Have you ever seen one?

A man is on trial in Afghanistan for converting from the Muslim faith to Christianity. The penalty is death, according to Islamic law.

Anyone of any or no faith other than Muslim is an infidel. The curse of death is upon you.

Western culture must be destroyed by any means available.

Granted, not all Muslims agree with these edicts, but where is the tolerance in this religion? Why aren't detractors vocal in denouncing such actions? Are they afraid for their own lives, as well?

God willing, we will all live in peace one day. Or we will be torn to pieces.

Since the writing and publication of this letter, the case against convert Abdul Rahman has been dropped by the court because he is mentally unfit to stand trial. Italy granted him asylum.

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