Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ongoing Al Qaeda Investigation Tied To Arrest Of Official

(API) The fourth-ranking official for the Department of Homeland Security was charged with using a computer to seduce a 14 year old girl over the internet after authorities said he struck up sexual conversations with a Polk County, Florida undercover detective posing as the girl.

Brian J. Doyle, 55, a deputy press secretery for the agency, was expected to appear in a Maryland court today. He will also be placed on administrative leave. Authorities arrested him on Tuesday at his Silver Spring, MD home as he was online with the undercover detective. Doyle began having sexually explicit chat room conversations with the "girl" on March 14, the sheriff's office said in a statement.

There is growing concern there might be more to this investigation despite stiff opposition from the general public.

An attorney for the agency, speaking on condition of anonymity said, "Of course he has admitted involvement here. Leave it to the liberal press to omit most of the details to make this administration look bad." He went on to state, "Look, he sent her pictures of himself wearing a Homeland Security pin on his lapel and a TSA lanyard. How much more official can you get? He has long been a supporter of the younger Bush. There's more to this story than the way the press is fondling it, I mean, handling it, including speculation that the parents of this child may have links to terrorist cells, including al Qaeda. He was trying to get to the bottom of it, as well as into other areas not open for discussion at the moment. We will keep you abreast of anything new as things develop."

Another government official stated, "He thought it was Poke County."

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