Friday, April 28, 2006

Nix on the impeachment idea

There are plenty of liberal and conservative blogs out there in Blogland. For those that call for President Bush's impeachment, there are probably an even number that support him and trash Howard Dean. Not that he's not an easy target, too.

I'm reminded of an old story from my old friend, Wayne Trout, who went on to that Giant AM/FM Broadcast Booth in the Sky last June. Wayne was an exceptionally funny guy and, as I've mentioned before on a previous post, he was the kind of person you'd be a fool not to invite to a party if you didn't want it to be a big success. I guess you could have compared him to a softer, gentler Robin Williams.

During the Nixon administration, and specifically at the time of Watergate, Nixon's Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, appointed Archibald Cox to be the special prosecutor in charge of investigating the break-in and cover-up at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee inside the Watergate Hotel by members of Nixon's Committee to Re-Elect the President, also known as CREEP.

After Cox insisted on unrestricted access to tape recordings of what went down in the Oval Office, Nixon demanded that Cox be fired by his Attorney General. Richardson refused and promptly resigned, as did his deputy. The third person in charge was Robert H. Bork, later of Supreme Court fame, who ubruptly dismissed Cox. This became known as the "Saturday Night Massacre." All Hell broke loose after that and the rest is history for the ages, as Nixon became the first and only president to resign from office.

In the meantime, good old Wayne had come up with a bumper sticker idea. He took it all around town (Orlando) and every printer he saw refused to touch it. It was exasperating. Finally, after a couple of weeks or so, he found one printer way out on the east side of town. The guy must have been a liberal or a Nixon hater. Oh well, never mind, he at least had a great sense of humor. All Wayne wanted to print was…


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