Thursday, May 11, 2006

I guess we're all stupid out there

I have several Yahoo! e-mail accounts. I work with both Mac and Windows platforms. The only mail I ever open on the PC is from trusted friends and business associates. Most Spam mail, I discard, but when something arrives in my bulk folder from ebay, well, I... I... I sit up and pay attention, especially when the subject is Account confirmation required. Especially when I don't have an ebay account.

Because I feel very comfortable on my Mac when opening suspect mail, I sometimes take a look at them. I'm not too worried about viruses and the like, as I am on my laptop with Windows.

I decided to be adventurous. I clicked on the by clicking here link and it opened a new window.

It sure looks real to me, but the catch is, that if you enter your account name and password, the phish market has your information, which will allow them to go into your account and access all kinds of stuff on you. They even try to get you by opening a new "ebay" account with them. That's where they probably hit you up for bank and credit card info.

It reminds me of the late Michael Conrad's famous words of caution at the end of each morning roll call on Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there."

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