Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jesus Christ, for crying out loud

I can see it now. The year is 4007 AD. A 2,000 year old tomb has been unearthed. In it are two caskets. One contains skeletal remains with two massive silicone sacs resting firmly in the chest area, common chest implants from that era.

"What we have found here," one expert explains, "are the remains of Anna Nicole Smith, a sex symbol from 2,000 years ago."

"How do you know they are hers?"

"Because we found a young man's remains in the casket beside her. DNA testing proved that this was her son."

For countless generations, many non-believers have stated, for lack of any physical proof, that Jesus never even existed. Zero. Zilch. Nothing more than figments of the mind. The whole Christian religion is based on hearsay and the teachings of biased men. Prove it, they say. Show me an ounce of proof that either God or Jesus exist or ever did.

Could this be the proof the naysayers have been dying for, the proof that would turn their opinions around? Would they then concede that Jesus did, in fact, exist, but it still doesn't make him the son of God - it doesn't even prove this is the same guy mentioned in this "fictitious" compilation of books - or would they be as pragmatic as they always have been and question the DNA? The mere fact that mitochondrial DNA was discovered in fragments in the ossuaries might only prove that this Jesus, son of Joseph, was the son of that Mary, his mother, and that his offspring is the son of the other Mary, his mate. Mitochondrial DNA is strictly matrilineal in nature, i.e., a system in which one belongs to one's mother's lineage. No further information can be extracted.

To a believer or non-believer, does this prove that he is or isn't the same Jesus from the New Testament, when these names were common back then? Find the DNA of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David or Solomon to compare it with. Better yet, God. Then the proof will, without a doubt, be there. In the meantime, couldn't the high priests at the time, who wanted this upstart religion trounced, have secreted other related bodies into a tomb and inscribed ossuaries to make it appear to be those of Jesus and his kin?

Some Christians believe Jesus made a physical ascension to heaven. Others believe it was a spiritual ascension which left his mortal remains here for disposal. This merely questions the physical and should not be taken in any way as a means to deny all Christians their faith. That is not the intent of the documentary, although some seem to be drooling over it prematurely.

It seems that non-believers now have something to believe in, after all these years of denial. Are they willing to now say, “YES! He did exist! Here’s the proof!”?

Hold on... gotta go. Someone just spotted Anna Nicole at the mall with Elvis.

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