Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hard Core Extremists

I think the far right has been indoctrinated for such a long time, they interpret “far right” as meaning, “So far, I’m right. You’re wrong.” Then, they yell, swear at you and call you a Commie and other sordid names. Don’t get me wrong, the flip side can be way out in left field, too. Michael Moore and Al Franken come to mind, but I’ve noticed that ultra-right wing, arch-conservative, basket case Republicans think anyone who disagrees with them on any subject matter is a liberal. They are always right and when backed into a corner without beating the crap out of you, they go into denial. Denial in a sense that whichever Republican official a “so called” liberal names, they come up with a standard excuse: HE’S NOT A REPUBLICAN - HE’S A RINO (Republican In Name Only). If all Republican politicians are RINOs, then who are the true Republicans in their vein?

Let’s see… the esteemed Abraham Lincoln, long considered the father of the Republican Party, freed the slaves. That’s much too liberal. He must have been one of the first RINOs. Imagine people of color having rights!

Moving on, let’s consider Theodore Roosevelt. He was at the forefront of conservationism. He was responsible for writing the book on the preservation of land and species that might, otherwise, become extinct. Save the red-breasted throck morton! Ouch!!! Way too liberal. G*d-D*mn Tree Hugger!

OK. Let’s try Dwight D. Eisenhower. Good guy. War hero. 5 star general. Head of the entire European Theatre during WWII. Let’s see, wasn’t he the architect of the Interstate highway system? Didn’t he usher in the Space Age? Without those two, we wouldn’t be able to move around or communicate with such speed as we do today. Maybe we would stay home more often, listening to fireside chats on the radio. Oh, wait! That was FDR, a Democrat. Anyway, good old Ike was way too progressive for his time. Nope, he won’t do.

The list can go on and on and each one can be excused or written off as a RINO. George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Charlie Crist. “W” let all those Wetbacks in. Don’t even mention Rudolph Guiliani. Chuck Hagel? Pretty darn conservative, but he’s against that damn patriotic thing going on over there in sand n*gger country. You know, the WMD place. You name the Republican and these idiots will find a way to denigrate any one of them to their own selfish benefit and in their best interests, period.

Back to the first question. Who are the true Republicans in their vein? I think the only ones these morons would support are not politicians at all. They are a bunch of political pundits who spew exactly what they want to hear - such fine and upstanding men, like… Rush “Oxycontin” Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill “No Spin” O’Reilly and the entire “cast” of FOX News. One day, they’ll finally have a “fair and balanced” administration. Whoopee, we’re all gonna die! Turn that sand into glass!

The worst and most frightening people in the world are the extremists. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence they sit on, left-wing, right-wing, they are the same. What is the difference between extreme heat and extreme cold? They are both very uncomfortable and, I hope I’m far from alone in feeling this way. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway. What? You want to go outside?


  1. "Radical Republican" and History

    The Radical Republicans were an influential faction of American politicians in the Republican party during the American Civil War and Reconstruction eras, 1860-1877. They took a hard line against the Confederacy during the war and opposed Lincoln's "too easy" terms for reuniting the nation. By 1866 they supported federal civil rights for freedmen, and by 1867 set terms that allowed free slaves the RIGHT TO VOTE in the South but not ex-Confederates. They fought with moderate Republicans, at first president Abraham Lincoln, and then in a fight to impeachment, his successor Andrew Johnson.

    This doesn't sound too "LIBERAL" to me.


  2. You are correct in your history, anonymous, but I'm talking about extremists of today, many of whom still do not want anyone beside themselves, let alone people of color, to have the right to vote or run this country. Liberals = Evil. Evil must be destroyed for the good of themselves. It's selfish. It's not for the good of the country or they would adhere to the Constitution, which states that all men are equal. 1 man, 1 vote. They tend to stretch religious doctrine into their way of thinking, too. God and Jesus are Republicans. To disagree is sacrilege and goes against their views. People who disagree should not have the right to say anything. That's why I brought Theo Roosevelt into the mix. Today, staunch Republicans, not even having to be too extreme, would consider him a Tree Hugger. Why? Does it have anything to do with how big business has infiltrated the mindset of people? What does conservation have to do with being liberal? Someone, somewhere along the way decided to put a spin on it and politicize it.

    Why is it if you turn off your lights to conserve electricity, you do it to save money? Did you even think that it was to cut back on energy consumption for the good of the country? Of course not. That's why, when someone of importance asks you to do that, they're branded as liberals. You rebel. You protest. God Damn it, if I want to leave my lights on, I will. No God Damn Tree Hugging Faggot is going to tell me what to do. See? The bastards want to take my rights away.

    Something isn't right with that picture.

    I guess Lincoln's "too easy" terms for reuniting the nation were much too liberal even back then, to many Republicans.