Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I left this post on my new Squarespace blog. It's not the same setup as WordPress. I can't just open comments to everyone the same as you can't leave your doors and windows unlocked. Trolls and miscreants run amok on the World Wide Interwebz and mayhem rules if you let it.
Anyone can apply for membership, but remember, this isn't a real membership in the classical sense. All it does is let you bypass comment moderation. Your comments are published without any help from me. If you add $1.29 into the equation, you can buy yourself a cup of coffee at McDonald's and that's about it.
Speaking of money, there is no fee for this whatsoever. I have 250 Member Accounts available in this particular audience (as Squarespace calls it) and anyone can join until they run out.
What I will say is if you are just a reader (I hate the word lurker) you may not want to be a member. If you comment once in a blue moon, you might not, either. If you like to comment once in a while or quite often, you might be inclined to request one. The choice is yours. All I ask is that you respect it once you have it. In other words, stay as polite as possible. This is a step up in the blogging neighborhood. For me, at least.
As for how to apply, you can ask me here and I'll set it up. In this case, I will pick a login name and password. Do not place your e-mail address in your body copy. Write it in the "Author Email" box and I will see it. When you get your confirmation e-mail, you're a member and all you have to do is login under "Navigation" at the top left, below the banner.
If you prefer, send me an e-mail with the login name of your choice, the screen name you wish to use, and your password. I will set it up from there and you will get your Squarespace notification. There is a secure contact form at the lower left sidebar. You can use it for tips and ideas, too. Just in case, or if you prefer, my e-mail address is: marinadedave(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Whatever method you choose, it's not something I would do anything with. You should choose a password unique to this site, and if you ever forget it, I can set you up with a new one. Once you login, you are free to change your name and password at any time. Remember, do not write a public comment with the information you should keep private. If you wish, you can create a free e-mail account for just this purpose because in order to receive the new account details, it must be a working address.
I do have the option to open all commenting, but that means trolls will be all over this blog like buzzards on roadkill.
Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of support in comments and e-mails. I look forward to getting back to business. We have a murder case to work on together. Thanks for hanging in with me, too. I really like my new Casa Blogga. It went from a house to a home because of you.