Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tiffany Carter's Swim for Africa

Tiffany Carter is the granddaughter of one of my most beloved friends.
 In 2009, Sophia Carter spent Christmas with her family, like so many people do all over the world. It is a most sacred holiday and a time of giving. She had recently returned from Athi River Village in Kenya, Africa, and there were many tales to tell. She spoke of starvation, poverty and the horrors of malnutrition in the children of the close-knit community. There was sickness in the air, she said - AIDS and lots of other maladies. Life saving medicines are sometimes worlds away, yet the villagers do the best they can with what they have. Their faith sustains them. Faith in themselves and humankind and a spirited drive to live and one day prosper.
Her family listened intently. They were fascinating stories. After all, this is a culture so different from ours. To be among the people from half-way around the world was most fascinating and something not soon forgotten. When she left, she promised herself that she would do whatever she could to help. Suddenly, something sparked in the mind of her younger sister, Tiffany.
In the Kenyan village is a pre-school for young children. Built by a Christian organization called YWAM – Youth With A Mission – many children in the community come from abusive families or from parents that lose the struggle to clothe and feed them. They are the ones who come without the basic necessities of life. The school provides them with the basic essentials, including an education at a nominal fee, and children with HIV are given valuable prescription medications. Though many in the village work, most parents cannot afford to pay tuition for the school.
For the price of a cup of coffee in America, help for a child can go a long way. One or two dollars a week will provide schooling and at least one nutritious meal a day for seven full days. Without it, those children could go up to three days without a meal.
Tiffany Carter has always been an athletic and driven person. The idea that lit up inside her head was something she knew she could bring to fruition. Boldly, she stated, “I will swim across Lake Tahoe to raise funds for the village!”
This Friday, August 20, her dream from Christmas past will become a reality as she swims 22 miles across Lake Tahoe in order to help raise funds for the impoverished community. Of course, her grandmother would appreciate any and all prayers for her safety and success.


Tiffany's goal, and the goal of Swim for Africa is to raise enough money for every child to be fed, sheltered, clothed, and given medications as needed, for a full year. Swim for Africa hopes to raise $2,000 to send to the village to ensure that every child is nourished and cared for.
Won't you please help?

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