Friday, June 17, 2005

A DJ's Journey

This is a bio Wayne wrote about himself a couple of years ago. I seriously doubt he'd have minded me printing it here:

Well, here's the short version. I've worked in Central Fl radio for over 30 years. Started as a news trainee with WDBO in 1968. Hired by WORJ as announcer/news director 1969. Employed there until a co-employee broke me up and I laughed my way thru an entire newscast. Manager Tom Doyle stopped me in front of the station, and as he caught his finger in the heavy glass door, told me if I ever did it again, I'd be fired. Well, (I love Tom and have worked with him since) I don't remember exactly what I told him, however I do know my employment ended at that time.

Went to WTRR in Sanford for a couple of years where I worked with Bill Bauman and George Crossley. Did mid-day jock until going back to WDBO as a newsman/anchor. Worked with Perry Moore, Jim Turner, Bob Raymond, until getting fired for trying to start a union movement and the daily trip to the local bar. (Not sure which one was the key.) Wound up doing mid-days at rocker WLOF as Tom Clark, "the Body Beautiful". Did two years there until I quit on the air because they wanted to change the focus of my call-in show. Said in my last on-air statement, "I would rather eat bark off a tree in the woods, than stay here.) A great moment, however yet another one that led to immediate unemployment. Did a couple of stints as a club dj, making more than I'd ever made in radio... then went back to WDBO in the late 70's thru mid 80's as news director. Worked with market long-timers such as Reagan Smith, Pat Flannagan, Dennis Moore. New company bought the station and did not appreciate the rather laid back approach I took to the job. Last straw was they wanted me to wear a tie and appear to be managerial. Well, that obviously wasn't going to work, so I was unemployed yet again. Shortly after WDBO, I went to WKIS, as morning anchor. Worked with market regulars Adrian Charles, Lynn Levine, Jim Philips. Got fired from there after 6 years, something about ratings. It appeared other stations had them, and I did not. Go Figure.

At some point, who knows, I went to do morning news for WWNZ. Later moved to news director then operations manager. Worked with Peter King, Dave Ross. Station sold to Clear Channel and ran it as a paid advertising shill until they switched frequencies and call letters and brought in new management. I left then, just wanting to take a sabbatical, however, based on the number of calls I've received begging me to return to the air, I believe I've retired.

For all the juicy stories about drunken, pot-smoking, naked and degenerate radio people, you'll just have to wait till the lawyers clear the book. (God, if only I had pictures!!!)

It can be found, with the appropriate links, at: Wayne Trout

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