Friday, March 11, 2005

Pizza Delivery Boy Dave

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Back in the early 80's I worked for an ad agency. We designed advertisements for a department store chain based out of North Carolina. We also did radio spots and I got to do several voice-overs. We ran ads and radio spots throughout a good part of Florida. The copywriter, Larry, and I became pretty close friends. At some point, he had health issues concerning his liver. The doctors wanted to do a biopsy which entailed his overnight stay in a downtown hospital. I went early that evening to see him. I asked the head nurse if he was on any type of restricted diet. She said no. I asked him if he wanted a pizza, that I wanted one, too. Of course, he said. There was a place called Lorenzo's a couple blocks away that made a pretty good pie, the kind that when you fold it to eat, the oil oozes down your arm. Not very healthy, but it sure was tasty.

Now, back in those days, I used to imbibe in a little green stuff once in a while, if you know what I mean. Earlier in the week, I had a friend who set me up with a little of that green stuff. I called the pizza joint and ordered a large pie with mushrooms and extra cheese. When I brought it out to my car, I broke open the bag of already cleaned stuff and began to sprinkle it all over that pizza. I knew the oil would make it very moist and easier to eat. I figured it would help him relax.

I got back to the hospital and took the elevator up to the second floor. As the doors opened up, there was another nurse standing there. She asked. "Where are you going with that pizza?" I answered, "To Larry's room. The head nurse said it was OK." To which she responded, "No you're not! Not without giving me a piece!" "Well," I said, "you can have as many slices as you want." She took two. Larry and I ate the rest. I didn't tell him about that extra spice, but, he did ask me later if I had done something with that pie, that he sure did feel good that night and next day, even with the anticipation of knowing what was going to happen in the morning. Yes, I did. We both wondered about what happened to the nurse that night and laughed. She was a really nice lady and I'm sure it did her no harm. At least, I hope she didn't get into any trouble. Hey! What are friends for? And she was the one who insisted on eating some.

Larry died a couple of years later from complications of liver cancer. He was a great guy and I still think about him every so often. He was the one who gave me that stuff.

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