Monday, March 21, 2005

Update On Bud

It's been a while since Bud underwent his chemo. Soon after, he came down with a rather high fever and a general malaise. No strength. No appetite. He lost a lot of fluids. The doctors have no idea what has caused the fever. They've run lots of tests. I asked him, you know, if they've treated 10,000 people with AML, how could you possibly be the first person to come down with a fever? They have no idea. He tried to eat a hospital pizza the other day. He is on a very restricted diet, but, that seems to be OK to eat. I said, hey, if you're allowed to eat a lousy hospital pizza, why not order a good one from an Italian restaurant. From their last trips out to Houston, when he underwent the clinical trial chemo, they got to know Johnny Carrabba, his mother, Rose, and his cousin, Damian Mandola, from their Houston restaurant. I said, order a pizza from them. They make a good pie you would enjoy. It's not too big and, perhaps it will enhance your appetite!

He must lose the fever and regain his strength enough to undergo one final chemo treatment just before the stem cell transplant. If this does not occur, he will not be able to have the transplant and that would be a most terrible thing.

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