Monday, August 29, 2005


Having recently driven through the Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana areas now going through a terrible hurricane, I can really empathize with the people who live there. I know how fragile these places are. Believe me, I live in Florida and did not have a pleasant time with the ones that passed our way last year. We went through Charlie, Frances and Jeanne. Ivan missed us, but, really nailed the Panhandle. Do you know what it's like to not have electricity or running water for a week? No air conditioning. No ice. Long, exasperating lines at gas stations before the storms hit. Businesses closed for what seems an eternity. Fallen trees and power lines. I think they're going to have it rougher.

The two pictures above are from my trip. The one on the left is a quaint little community called Bay St. Louis, in Mississippi. They should get the brunt of the damage from Katrina. Them and Pass Christian. On the right is a shot taken from the French Quarter. It does not look like that today.

Hurricanes are horrible things. Maybe Pat Robertson had something to do with this, loving Christian that he is. After all, there's them there cat houses and gambling halls down that way.

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